By Noor Rajpoot

“Hinave” is Based on Hate And Intense Love, Two Political Families, Hatred of two Families, Wadera, Army, Lawyer, Spoiled boy, Cousins, Funny, Adventures, Police, Revenge Family Love And a beautiful story about justice


This is a story of hate  The story of hatred flourishes in two political families but here is a society where women had to fight for their rights The story of a society where women make mistakes they are never forgiven What is done? The fog that runs under the guise of politics destroys the lives of hundreds of people.

it is the story of Hinave Rana and Aman Malik Where castes do not allow love.

What happened in the life of a carefree, playful girl who was very frivolous and landless that she became angry with everyone? A story of hatred that you have never read…

The writer has done full justice to each character… As a result, it ended so beautifully that for a long time this story will go home in the hearts of all of you…


By Noor Rajpoot

This novel was written by a sulphite writer “Noor Rajpoot
she writes very maturely. There is no nonsense romance. people are interested in every novel you should read the novels

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